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Marketing Team

Who We Are


Kathy An

Director of Marketing

Hey everyone! I’m Kathy and I recently wrapped up my third year at Western University. Currently, I'm studying business at Ivey Business School and before that, I studied data science. In my free time, I enjoy dabbling in various arts, whether that is design, music or writing.

Why did you join RollUp?

What drew me to RollUP was not only RollUP’s mission of making mobility affordable for everyone, but the process taken to achieve that mission, such as considering the environmental of the materials that went into the mobility devices and sharing more information about accessible mobility through social media channels.

Fun Fact!

I find languages very interesting and really enjoy learning them!

Ryanna Luo

Co-Head of Marketing

Hi! I'm Ryanna Luo, a grade 12 student at London Central Secondary School. Some of my interests include dancing, singing and playing badminton. I love meeting new people, eating yummy food, and last but not least, sleeping :) Aside from that, I have a strong passion for technology and entrepreneurship and hope to go into Computer Science in the future.

Why did you join RollUp?

During the pandemic, I had a lot of time to reevaluate, reorganize and reinvent my values. In January 2021, I ventured out of my comfort zone and joined RollUP. By leveraging my passion for art and design, I help RollUP tell our story on various social platforms. While other members work extremely hard behind the scenes, I shine a spotlight on their efforts and share our impact with the world.

Fun Fact!

I founded a piano studio where I teach young children piano.

Jeffrey Tse.jpg

Jeffrey Tse

Graphic Designer

I am a fourth year student studying New Media and Linguistics at the University of Toronto. In my spare time, I enjoy listening to music, watching movies, going biking, and making graphics and videos.

Why did you join RollUp?

I joined RollUP because I strongly believe in the need for accessibility in order to promote inclusion of everyone. To me, RollUP means creating an answer to the problem of inaccessibility by bridging the gap between mobility devices and those who need them most.

Fun Fact!

I love travelling! I'd love to visit all the continents of the world some day.

Grace Dong

Web Developer

I'm a 2nd-year student at Western University studying Media, Information and Technology. I love watching movies, doing arts & crafts and listening to music :)

Why did you join RollUp?

This is my second year joining RollUp. When I joined I wanted to be able to be a part of the change in the community and promote the importance of mobility. After my first year with RollUp, I realized it is not only an amazing organization to help with mobility but it also has a group of inspiring young student leaders. I was encouraged to explore my interest within the organization and grow as a person here.

Fun Fact!

I love cat and possum memes!

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