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Operations Team

Who We Are

Arya Mattu

Operation Analyst

I am was born and raised in London, Ontario. I am currently a third-year student at Western University studying computer science. I like to play different sports like soccer and basketball and I also enjoy listening to music.

Why did you join RollUp?

I joined the RollUP team last year and had such a great time that I had to come back. RollUP does a lot of good for the community and brings a lot of attention to a cause that is highly overlooked.

Fun Fact!

I lived in India for two years.

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Jeanne Xu

Financial Analyst

I'm studying accounting at the University of Waterloo. I love the concept of self-improvement, consuming media (mostly Webtoons or manga), and dabble in creative endeavours such as piano covers from time to time. I also run a self-growth & productivity blog!

Why did you join RollUp?

Mobility is something a lot of us take for granted, so I think it's important everyone can get the accessibility devices they need while having it be affordable! RollUP also participates in the circular economy (reducing waste; reusing devices) which I love.

Fun Fact!

I worked for 4 months in Winnipeg, an entire province away from Ontario! (It was super cold.)

Leanne Li

Process Analyst

My name is Leanne and I am entering my fourth year of business studies at Ivey. Prior to Ivey, I studied Finance/Econ

Why did you join RollUp?

I joined RollUP because I am passionate about making long-lasting impact in our local communities. RollUP also creates a supportive environment of like-minded and hardworking individuals.

Fun Fact!

I am a huge fan of murder mysteries and paranormal shows!

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Quinn Le

Operations Analyst

Co-Head of Ambassador Program

My name is Quinn Le and I am currently in my final year at London Central Secondary School. As an avid volunteer, I take pleasure in contributing to my local community through my time with the local hospital and long-term care home.

Why did you join RollUp?

I joined RollUP because I saw it as an opportunity to help the less fortunate and contribute to positive growth and development in my community. I am very fortunate and proud to be part of RollUP and am looking forward to continuing to work alongside the amazing team!

Fun Fact!

I love playing the piano!

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