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Partnership Team

Who We Are

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Sarah Stavridis

Director of Partnerships

I am currently in my fourth year at Western University working towards my Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies with an Honours Double Major in Accounting and Indigenous Studies. Outside of RollUp, I enjoy competing in moot court competitions, doing yoga, reading, collecting records, and making beaded jewelry.

Why did you join RollUp?

I joined RollUP because I admire the mission of upcycling mobility devices to provide accessibility to individuals who need it. I want to support Indigenous communities who, historically and currently, have not been afforded adequate health care services. To me, RollUP means mobility for all, regardless of socioeconomic, medical, or geographic barriers.

Fun Fact!

I played the oboe for four years, and I hope to get back into it one day! It’s challenging but a fun and unique instrument to play.

Ethan Shi

Strategic Partnerships Analyst

Hi! My name is Ethan and I'm currently in my HBA1 year at the Ivey Business School. I'm passionate about finding ways for businesses to have positive social and community impacts. I grew up in Calgary, Alberta and would love to see more of Canada. Outside of school, I enjoy reading, playing the piano, biking, and volunteering.

Why did you join RollUp?

I joined RollUP because its mission resonated with me, and I wanted to be a part of it. To me, RollUP means bringing mobility to communities so that everyone can thrive.

Fun Fact!

I like to play the piano!

Ethan Shi.png
Jagvir Sandhar.png

Jagvir Sandhar

Partnerships Analyst

I am currently enrolled in the psychology program at York University, as I head into my fourth year I am hoping to complete my thesis in consumer behaviour! Aside from this, I love getting to meet new people, trying new sports and going for long road trips while listening to music!

Why did you join RollUp?

I joined RollUP to help contribute to underserved local communities, whilst also being able to improve on my communication abilities and skills while working in teams. RollUP has also allowed me to contribute to sustainability and philanthropic efforts which is what I wish to pursue in the future, post-grad!

Fun Fact!

I have lived in 6 different cities across Canada growing up!

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