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Fixing wheelchair


We have donated over 160 mobility devices in our community in collaboration with our partners like Goodwill Commercial Solutions and Penske. RollUP has provided freedom through mobility from our donations. We also benefit the London community by diverting waste and creating meaningful employment opportunities.

Important Statement.

Michell Legion.

When Mitchell Legion acquired a variety of mobility devices they could not use or store, they decided to donate the devices to RollUP so that we could ensure that they were properly refurbished and donated to people in need.

Michell Legion's donation to RollUp
Donation from Capital One and True North Aid

Capital One & True North Aid.

After receiving a generous donation from Capital One, RollUP partnered with True North Aid to donate over 15 wheelchairs to an Indigenous community in Fort Hope, Ontario.

Stratford General Hospital.

Patients at Stratford General Hospital benefitted from wheelchairs and walkers during the pandemic thanks to the support of generous individual donors.

RollUP team at Stratford General Hospital
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